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So here I go, on another journey, to test my patience and anxiety. Animating is one of the bigest forms of creativity in my life. Between djing, breakdancing, import cars, and video games, this one takes the cake! But to push myself to take on a extensive project is for some reason difficult.

So i ask myself, how can i posiblly complete something this complex. EASY! Dont make it complex! One author that is a big inspiration to me is Spike Valentine. He has indeed done the imposible from makeing a series of animations month after month and completeing a full length film!..... WHO DOES THAT!!! From those efforts it tells me one thing, I NEED A DROP KICK IN THE FACE. I need to wake up and smell the drawing pad cus these animations aren't going to make themselves. Besides its fun.

From here on out, i decide to push myself and complete multiple small stories and projects all using similar and same characters so i dont fall off track with too many ideas. This should be a way that i can succesfully complete animations without giving up. I wont use too much color for now just simply because my goal here is to work on completion and story telling. i will migrate to color some other time. Well thats it for now. Now im off on my adventure to inspire others and myself! Thanks everyone for the support and keeping my head up high!